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Account settings and configuration

We use the information you provide about yourself and or company when creating an account or using our services. We do not share this information with outside parties except to the extent necessary to complete payment processing. We use return email addresses to answer the email we receive. Such addresses are not used for any other purpose and are not shared with outside parties. We never use or share the personally identifiable information provided to us online in ways unrelated to those described above. To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, we have put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.

For more information please see our full Privacy Policy

How can we contact you?


Login into DynamicBundle using the following:

Login Typically your email address

DynamicBundle needs to communicate with Amazon concerning your current inventory, etc. After all, we have to know which items you are selling so we can analyze them for bundle ability, etc. To do this we connect to Amazon using our approved "Keys", to use our keys, your organization simply needs to authorize the use. The process only takes a few moments. This *DOES NOT* grant us access to your seller central account, credit card information, first born child’s high school transcripts, etc.

Storefront name Your organizations name on Amazon
Brand registry name Have a brand registry on Amazon? You may need if mixing manufacturer items in your bundles
Seller Type
Merchant ID on Amazon &me= value.
MWS access key 
MWS secret key 

1. Please click one of the following Amazon regions your storefront is in to authorize our keys and receive the required authorization token:
2. When prompted on how to access the account. Select "Developer Access" and enter CE-D.B under Developer Name and 3853-2877-9961 for developer account number.
3. Accept the customer/authorization agreement and submit.
4. Copy the "AuthToken" provided by Amazon upon submission and enter it below.

MWS authorization token         

General settings for bundle creation and management:
  • No bundle will be added to Amazon without your prior approval, please review the following to direct DynamicBundle as to what type of items to analyze and bundle

  • Once DynamicBundle retrieves your item catalog from Amazon, we will analyze your items and evaluate them to determine which of your items can be packaged together in a complementary bundle. We do this repeatedly as it can be a time consuming process and is always ongoing. Although you may review these potential bundles at any time from the Bundle Management tab, we can send you an email alert when we have located  package possibilities.

  • When we evaluate your items, should we analyze packages for your      (FBA or mixed bundles are not available at this time)

  • For an item to be considered bundle-able, it should have at least  in inventory

  • Shall we build bundles that have items from differing manufactures?

  • Shall we build bundles that have items in differing categories? Such as an item(s) in "Personal Computers" bundled with an item in "Software".

  • The SKU generated for the bundle should be unique to your internal SKU's. It should start with  or "KIT-", etc. example of completed sku: BUN_19173927

  • As per Amazon requirements, bundle descriptions shall start with a "this is a bundle" style phrase:

  • Bundle definitions must include descriptions of the items within the package, DynamicBundle should separate those descriptions with the word or phrase  Examples: 'PLUS','Also includes', 'Includes:' etc.

  • Maximum amount of items that can be included in a suggested bundle  Bonus: You can have us build a bundle with up to 4 items that you specify.

  • Pricing of a bundle is the combined prices of the items in the bundle. Shall we then discount that combined price by %  (and or) then deduct $

  • Although individually configurable per bundle, by default bundles can have  

General inventory and management settings:
  • As a default when creating bundles and at a charge of of the created bundle on Amazon depending on the individual item stock and pricing changes (RECOMMENDED)

    What does this do for me?
    • As the items in the bundles stock changes, we will update the bundles stock for you
    • As the items in the bundles pricing changes, we will update the bundles pricing for you
    • If one or more of the items in the bundle goes out of stock, the bundle will automatically be taken offline. Once back in-stock, the bundle will automatically become active again.

    • All without your organization having to do any inventory management with bundles! Simply continue as you have been with your normal item inventory on Amazon. Can toggle this on/off at the bundle level.

  • If utilizing our automated inventory and pricing management above, if pricing change of bundle exceeds (+/-) % of current bundle price, DynamicBundle should not reprice, but instead ALERT you so that you may manually review.

  • DynamicBundle should synchronize with Amazon concerning current inventory 
    Please note, unless at least one bundle is utilizing our optional inventory & pricing management, DynamicBundle will pull current item catalog only once a day as more regular importing would not be needed.


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