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Help and FAQ's

DynamicBundle is the only service in existence (that we are aware of) where its sole purpose is to help you build and sell “Bundles”, “Packages” or “Kits” on Amazon.

We do the heavy lifting for you in relation to bundle creation and when opted for, we will even handle the ongoing inventory and pricing maintenance without you having to alter your current inventory and pricing updating on Amazon. Please read our FAQ’s below to get a better feeling for what we offer and do and why we are here. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us and we will try to answer your questions as quickly as possible!

Question on 4/4/2017 5:59:45 PM:    Can you point us to a bundle on Amazon you have created?

Answer: Sorry, we cannot. As we take our privacy policy and terms & conditions seriously and this would divulge a client that has in the past or is now using our service to benefit their sales channels.

Utilizing our service is safe, secure and confidential.

Question on 4/5/2017 5:51:47 PM:    Do we have to accept the bundles you suggest?

Answer: Absolutely not, however each bundle we suggest has actually been purchased with the other item(s) in the bundle by an Amazon customer, and you just so happen to be selling those items on Amazon --- RIGHT NOW!. To decline a bundle and exclude it from future view, simply check the small check box (to confirm) and then click the Exclude button on the approval page.

If you see potential in the bundle, click the “tune” button to "fine-tune" and accept the bundle definition we have created for you, at that point you will be charged for our work, once accepted you are moved to a bundle definition screen where all of the pertinent data will be reviewed, potentially added to or modified by you and finally “Approved” to go on Amazon. Once Approved, we begin the process of putting the bundle on Amazon for you. This may take a few hours to a couple of days depending on the complexity of the bundle and or additional information Amazon may require. After the bundle is successfully created on Amazon, we will send you a data definition or “Place holder” for your back-end.

Question on 4/7/2017 5:34:46 PM:    Do you take a cut of each bundle sold, or is this just a fee and then $5 per month for the on-going bundle listing on Amazon

Answer: At this time we are offering a onetime $20 fee for any package you approve and want on Amazon, we do not charge you for keeping the bundle on Amazon month after month.
We came to this amount as it seemed to be a huge savings after speaking with many sellers about the "people time" it takes to create bundles on Amazon. It seemed reasonable for us and a huge money and time saver for the Amazon seller.

In the future however we are going to offer the ability of revenue sharing instead of or with reduced fee. But then we have to handle some order management as well. Which is a more time consuming and complicated mix then just the inventory and pricing management we are offering on the newly created bundles.

The $5 a month (scale) option is not to keep the bundle on Amazon, as we do not require a monthly fee for that once you have paid us to create it initially. Instead, the $5 a month (scale) is to have DynamicBundle handle the inventory and pricing of the bundle for you, based on the items inventory and pricing in the package.

Question on 4/7/2017 5:34:46 PM:    Are you saying then you take $5.00 per order then? Just want to be sure I understand—you said $5 per month for a single package? Then you would have to know if I stock the bundle in my assortment skus?

Answer: We do almost all the work to create the bundle, we analyze your items and cross reference them with items that sell together well on Amazon. And / or you can tell us to create a specific bundle based on up to 4 asins/skus you choose (that you are selling)

We do the data gathering, we create the collage image, we form the bundle according to Amazon’s specifications. If you then decide that you want the bundle created on Amazon, That is where the charge comes in. You “fine tune” and approve the bundle, we deduct $20 from your deposited DynamicBundle funds and go through the process of creating the bundle on Amazon. That’s the approval process. If you don’t like any bundles we suggest, you simply exclude it from being seen again.

The onetime $20 is for all the data gathering and creating the bundle for you on Amazon which is a multi-step process on our end.

THEN…… you have the *option* of having us handle the inventory control and pricing of that item for $5 a month (scale). But certainly not required. You can handle the bundle management from that point on if you wish.

*IF* you opt for the $5 a month (scale) package inventory and pricing management, You and your back-end system don’t have to touch that item on Amazon. We will do all the work for you based on the items in the package current inventory and pricing. If one of the items goes out of stock, WE will take the package down. If back in stock, WE put it back up. If pricing changes on an item in the package, we will automatically update the package price for you. We will check hourly for item price changes and item inventory changes within the bundle.

We will do all the work for you for $5 a month (scale) concerning inventory and pricing. Which many systems can’t do and prevents sellers from selling bundles. They can only update a single items price and inventory on Amazon, but cant work with the complexities of multiple items in a single package.

Question on 4/7/2017 5:34:46 PM:    You say you do “Almost all the work”, what don’t you do? What do I have to do?

Answer: Here is what we do for you:

We analyze your items and cross reference them with existing “sold together” information from amazon. We don’t require you to tell us which bundles would sell well, we do that work for you. Although you certainly have the ability to define a package bundle with up to 4 of your items in it.

So, first thing we do is the ongoing monitoring and analyzing and cross referencing your current in-stock and sellable items on Amazon, to see if they will fit in an item-complementary bundle. If so, we gather and collate and data elements of the various items into a bundle on our back end.

We provide a dashboard to review these processes as well as an approval screen to review them.

If you like the bundle suggestion, you fine-tune it. This is where “your work” comes in. Although we did our best to define the categorization of the bundle and certain key elements Amazon requires, you will need to review our work and fine tune a bit of it, deciding how to best classify the bundle as far as keywords, browse nodes, categorization and item typing goes. Elements we would have already defined, but nobody is going to know your items better than you. We may classify the bundle as in the category “Sports” when you feel “Outdoors” is a more appropriate category representing the entire bundle. So, that is where the approval process comes in. That is where you do your small amount of “work” required to get the bundle on Amazon.

Once finalized, we will send the data definition to Amazon, this is a multi-step process that can take an hour to a day depending on any additional information Amazon may want defined. This is based on many things. Category, specific browse node, specific item type.

If using our inventory and pricing management. You don’t have to do anything more once the bundle is on Amazon. We will manage that for you based on whatever existing method your using to update Amazon now for the items in the bundle. But if you decide not to use us in that capacity, then you will need to update the bundle pricing and inventory yourself going forward.

Question on 4/10/2017 11:12:56 AM:    Do you create the listing with a UPC?

Answer: Amazon has many requirements in regards to bundles, if UPC/EAN is provided, we will use it as the bundles "StandardProductID.Type", if blank we will use the bundles primary ASIN, both with appropriate "This is a bundle" flagging to prevent any possible confusion between the bundle and a specific item on Amazon.

Question on 4/10/2017 11:15:56 AM:    Am I authorized to create a package in a specific category?

Answer: DynamicBundle does not know your account or relationship with Amazon, however by default you may not list bundled products where the primary product in the bundle is from the Video Games category or is a Books, Music, Video, or DVD (BMVD) product.

Unless you have already went through the approval process of Amazon Brand Registry, the Add a Product tool is available to Marketplace sellers in the following stores:
  • Baby Products
  • Books
  • Camera & Photo
  • Computer & Video Games
  • Electronics
  • Home
  • Kitchen & Garden
  • Music
  • Musical Instruments
  • Office Products
  • Pet Supplies
  • Software
  • Sporting Goods
  • Tools & Hardware
  • Toys & Games
  • Video & DVD
Depending on your Amazon Seller type (Individual, Pro, Platinum, etc) to add products in additional stores & categories, sellers must be approved by Amazon. Learn more about Categories Requiring Approval. DynamicBundle does not police your creations/approvals as the system does not know your present category creation statuses with Amazon. Creation of a bundle in an unauthorized category is at your sole discretion.

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