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Connecting the pieces

We all know the huge potential in bundled items or “Kits”, “Packages” however for many sellers creating bundled packages can be a very daunting and time consuming practice.
Deciding which specific items to bundle, defining the package, gathering the data, creating production descriptions, images, creating keywords and determining Browse Nodes, etc. as well as the management of individual item inventory and keeping Amazon updated in the event that one of the items in your bundle is now out of stock or pricing for individual items has changed. Wheew, a lot needs to be considered when dealing with bundled items and can be a headache for any organization to say the least, after all, just keeping your individual item stock and pricing current on Amazon is hard enough.

This is where DynamicBundle comes to the rescue. Utilizing our service, we will on an ongoing basis analyze your current item catalog on Amazon. Evaluate and cross-reference your items to create related package bundles. Bundles customers on Amazon are looking for. Bundles Amazon themselves are not selling. We will create the bundles for you on Amazon allowing you to fine tune the bundle definition and make a final approval beforehand so you can tweak our descriptions, images, bullet points, titles, keywords, etc. This can be a standalone service fee between $10 and $20 depending on the amount if items in the bundle and if opted for, at only $5 a month (scale) DynamicBundle will manage your pricing and inventory for the bundle itself, without you having to do anything extra! Meaning you do not have to control the packages inventory or pricing in your own system, and then get that data to Amazon. We will automatically enable and disable the package on Amazon for you based on inventory levels of the items in the package as well as adjust the bundles pricing if the items in the bundles pricing changes.

You simply continue updating your item stock and pricing as you always have been, and we will do the bundle management work for you!
Sounds awesome, but huge setup fees and hidden costs?
  -  NO long term contracts.
  -  NO upfront setup fees.
  -  NO out of pocket to see what we will produce for you!
  -  You pick / fine tune only those bundles you feel will have sales potential! We do the work up-front. You decide if you want it in your Amazon catalog.

Once we have analyzed your items on Amazon, determining the best package bundles based on Amazons “Frequently purchased together” data and manual reviewing, we will suggest certain bundles.

If you like the bundle we recommend, you fine tune and approve it. Or if you have an idea for a great package, you can enter in the SKU’s or ASINS yourself. We will then gather all the necessary data needed to create the bundle on Amazon and present it to you for fine tuning and approval.

Accepting the bundle with all the pertinent data including collage image to represent the bundle is only a onetime fee of between $10 and $20 depending on the amount if items in the bundle and is fast and easy to get up on Amazon. We will provide all the relative data and create the bundle on Amazon for you. We will then provide the relative data for you to create the matching bundle on your end. Please keep in mind, this is really a place holder for you, you do not have to link it to Amazon or keep track of its “inventory” or “pricing” changes on your back end if you opt to utilize our integrated inventory and pricing management for the bundle.

Creating bundled packages or kits on Amazon has never been easier and if you don’t like any of the packages we recommend, no worries. Nothing out of pocket.

Well that sounds GREAT! Lets get started

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